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Our vision at Dream Day Weddings is to create memorable occasions which are not only the realisation of our clients’ desires but also unique celebrations of the singular love of each wedding couple.

Our services are customized to suit any design or budget and personalized to reflect the individual needs of each couple. As a premier service provider in this market we are committed to sculpting flawless celebrations of love, efficiently and effectively, thereby reducing the stress and tensions traditionally associated with such momentous occasions. Our inclusive policy, highlighting the truly, awe-inspiring nature of love, means that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you want for your special day, Dream Day Weddings will make your dream come true.

Our mission

  • We endeavour to understand our clients’ specific needs in order to guarantee an occasion that is not only everything the wedding couple could have wished for but entirely exceeds their expectations.
  • We undertake to draw on our creativity as well as our commitment to service excellence to create wholly memorable occasions, flexibly shaped to meet the needs of our clients and
  • We pledge to facilitate seamless partnerships between our clients, suppliers and other interested parties/family members to guarantee the hassle-free, success of every event.


Whilst Dream Day Weddings can provide all the services necessary to produce an exceptional wedding, these services can also be used in part and in tandem with other service providers. Whether couples are looking for full wedding planning and creative direction from start to finish or just want to ensure the smooth running of events on the big day, Dream Day Weddings can facilitate the realisation of your heart’s desire.

Please see our Services Offered page for a more detailed breakdown of exactly how we can assist to achieve your dream day.