The value of stimulation groups

Every well-meaning parent wants to do the best for their baby. We focus heavily on our baby’s milestones and create expectations for ourselves as parents to have the best, brightest baby on the block. One only has to watch the comical extent to which this is taken by the grandfather in the movie ‘Meet the Fockers’, to know that we may just take ourselves too seriously in the pursuit of a brilliant baby!!

Stimulation is important

The reason we have the enormous focus on stimulating our babies is that there is certainly overwhelming evidence that an enriched environment does enhance brain development and babies who are stimulated are more likely to develop to their potential.

How to stimulate your baby

You can enhance your baby’s development in all areas by structuring her environment and providing opportunities for constructive, age appropriate play, taking care not to over stimulate her. There are a variety of options for stimulating your baby including buying or making specific toys for stimulation, playing activities and ensuring all the senses are stimulated. Almost every baby magazine has ideas for games to play with your baby to stimulate development.

Baby Stimulation Programs

Another choice open to parents are stimulation groups or programs.  These groups are a wonderful idea for stimulating babies and definitely hold merit for a number of reasons:

  • Interactions with other moms

You cannot underestimate how isolating having a new baby can be. In the early months particularly, we can feel very alone and adrift. Baby groups provide a structured forum to meet other moms. Many a great friendship is struck up over tea at these groups. Furthermore, just when you feel you are the only mom on earth who hasn’t slept in a week or wants to calmly put your baby up for adoption, you will find that many other moms are experiencing the same.

  • Ideas for stimulation

You may think that an hour or two a week of stimulation classes surely has little carry over for enhancing development. Nothing is further from the truth. Not only will your baby benefit from the stimulation but more than that you will come away with some wonderful ideas for stimulation at home.

  • One-on-one time with your baby

In our busy lives often the only face time we have with our babies is on the changing mat or pushing a trolley around the shops. Baby stimulation classes force us to slow down and spend time with our babies. These precious moments help us to bond and also to enhance our baby’s emotional development.

  • Enhancing development

Of course the most obvious reason for going to baby stimulation classes is to enhance development. Most franchises have programs specially developed by OT’s, phyios or education specialists. These people know and understand development and how to enhance all areas. Stimulation classes benefit the sensory development of your baby as well as the movement milestones, language, perception and emotional development.

Stimulation classes are a wonderful way to interact with your baby and enhance development. But always remember that the most important principle is for you and your baby to have fun and to enjoy the interaction with other moms.


I have a two and a half year old son with Downs syndrome. I attended these fantastic Mothers and Miracles classes. Tyler is my first born and it was invaluable for me in terms of making new mommy friends and giving him this very important time of stimulation and music. He just loved the music and his little friends. It's a great program and a great opportunity for moms to get out and have some healthy social time. -Danni Coleman

My two year old daughter, Roxy, absolutely loves her Mothers and Miracles workshop. Every week she gets to do a whole lot of different activities, which are fun for both of us and enriching for her. Our teacher puts so much thought and effort into the various activities, and all the materials we use are of excellent quality. My daughter and I are both big fans. - Robyn Goss

These fantastic classes for moms and babies include music, dancing and craft…followed by tea and biscuits and playtime in the garden. My daughter started going from 4 months old and she loves it. It’s a great way for kids to learn and socialise in a different environment. Anitra puts in so much preparation and effort for each class!” - Athena Talevi

Mothers and Miracles is a lovely, happy and safe environment for moms and little ones to learn together, dance and, most importantly, have fun. Many fun activities put together by an amazing, well informed teacher. They cater for your babies learning abilities and milestones. - Kathryn Anne Venter

I am a grandmother who has brought two previous grandchildren to Anitra’s Mothers & Miracles classes.  I was so impressed with Anitra herself and the way the children just loved coming, I am here again with grandchild No. 3!  She is enjoying the sessions enormously and the stimulation and socialisation is so good for little ones. I wish Anitra continued success with Mothers & Miracles. - Paddy Balsdon

Both of my children absolutely love Moms & Miracles classes! Anitra’s passion for early childhood development, coupled with her love for seeing kids smiling, is just the perfect recipe for an amazing experience for your kids. I wish that Moms & Miracles could be a pre-school so that my kids could benefit from this great concept every day! - Petra Rees

Our M&M morning class was truly a highlight of our week for both myself and my daughter. As a new mom it was great to get advice from Anitra and a safe space to share stories with the other moms. My little girl blossomed over the 18 months attending the fun, interactive and exciting classes and it was a great foundation for her before she started nursery school. I can't wait to start the journey all over again with my newborn son! - Jodie Davimes

I love every Mothers and Miracles class that I have attended with my niece (now 20 months old). In addition to seeing how much my niece enjoys the activities and the interaction with the other little ones, I very much appreciate the warm welcome despite not being at every class. Anitra is very good with the little ones and especially patient with me and all the many, many questions I ask. – Korien Sander

I enjoy attending Mothers and Miracles classes because I get to bond with my daughter whilst stimulating her development. We love the creative activities that our teacher sets for us and the great company of our class mates. – Charline de Abreu



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